Christina Reynolds

Starting A Private Art Museum/Collection: Tips For Beginners And Greenhorn Collectors

Art can be incredibly valuable. It can also be a way to make a statement, decorate, and invest in the dreams of artists whose work you really enjoy. If you want to start your own private art museum and/or collection, the following tips will help you display the works you have amassed while simultaneously protecting them for years to come. Use Soft True-Color Lighting There is lighting, and then there is museum lighting.

Three Unique Ways To Bond With Your Life Partner

If you're in a fulfilling relationship that you're certain is going to last for a long time, you probably already know the standard ways to stay connected with your partner such as going on regular date nights at your favorite spots, never going to sleep angry, and similar strategies designed to promote healthy relationships. However, the strongest bonding activities are the ones that are the most personalized. Following are just three of the many unique ways that couples can grow closer while making memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Five Reasons You Need Vocal Lessons (Even If You're A Natural Singer)

If you are looking to pursue your interests in music, you are going to need vocal lessons even if you are naturally a good singer (which does happen!). Here are five reasons why that is: Just Like Your Body, Your Vocal Cord Needs a Workout: Just like you work out your body, you also need to work out your voice, or vocal cord for that matter. Being able to control the muscle groups that are associated with the coal cord is extremely important to a well-controlled voice.

Creating A Short Film? Use These Tips

When you've decided to make a short film, you might not yet appreciate how herculean of a task you've decided to take on. You'll be working with production crews and temperamental actors while getting used to the technical aspects of film-making like lighting, photography, and post-production software. To create effectively, consider the following: Get a Lot of Help Many directors working on their first short film want it to be a solo production, which is often a mistake.