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Creating A Short Film? Use These Tips

When you've decided to make a short film, you might not yet appreciate how herculean of a task you've decided to take on. You'll be working with production crews and temperamental actors while getting used to the technical aspects of film-making like lighting, photography, and post-production software. To create effectively, consider the following:

Get a Lot of Help

Many directors working on their first short film want it to be a solo production, which is often a mistake. While you may be eager to show the arts community that you have a lot of talents, you'll need to assemble loyal assistants and co-creators for the film. When you have too many responsibilities, you can become burned out and that can end up affecting the entire process. Develop your delegation skills and bring on talented people who can take some weight off your shoulders. If you can't afford pros for every position, you may be able to get students and interns to help.

Do as Much Beforehand as Possible

As a creative person, you might not enjoy planning out every single detail of a scene before you shoot it. You might think that makes things look too planned and artificial. However, if you want to make efficient use of your crew and actors' time, you need to prepare beforehand. If you don't have a cinematographer on set, for instance, work with the camera operators to discuss shots for whatever scene you're doing that day. Ensure that the lighting is set up before the actors arrive so that actors can do a focused run-through without tripping over the crew. Have some acting notes ready so that the actors understand what you're going for before you shoot takes that no one is happy with.

Use Post-Production Software Throughout

You can use an application like Da Vinci Resolve or other color grading software to produce dailies, do some minor editing, and make your shots look even more beautiful through color grading. Take advantage of online tutorials, demos, and free trials before selecting the most suitable application for your particular film. The decision about which software to use should be done before you start working on the film so that you can use the software throughout the process.

For example, at the end of every day, you can playback the daily footage so that actors and crew can take a look at what's been done. You can then make decisions about whether to reshoot or not. You can start the work of color grading and cropping shots without waiting until the end of production and giving yourself a headache because you've got so much to work on at once.

A short film can help you create a work of art that you can show to the world. Use this information to make your film successful from beginning to end. Contact a company like davinci resolve 12 for more information and assistance.